Why not Spotify or other music aggregators?

Spotify and other music aggregators are great and could be a potential source of income or listeners for most musicians and labels. Unfortunately, not for us. Our releases, don't fall into 'most musicians and labels' so we choose not to participate.

We signed up with Distrokid earlier this year and discovered that there is basically nothing you can upload other than lyrics or music. Now, for us field recordists, where there is no 'music' alot of weight rests upon the stories that we tell to bring our recordings to life. The pictures and text give the listener the information they need to immerse themselves our recordings and create amazing worlds beyond what even what we expected when we recorded them. It is the essence of our work.

So that's why we decided to just say FU to all the traditional ways of distribution and crash the system. We can't fit in to all that so why should we?

Besides, it's much more fun this way.

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