Welcome to the new Bivouac Depository (Blog)

New year, new website!

Welcome to the new Bivouac Recording blog- or as we like to call it the 'Depository'. As a result of our migration to a new web builder site, we had to change a few things, for the better of course!

We are consolidating as much of the content we had as separate pages into this new depository. Exhibitions, News, Store, and information will now be found in a one place.

Our blog site, http://www.Postach.io , uses Evernote as a post manager so it is super simple and convenient to get stuff online. Think of it as a refrigerator that keeps our content fresh until you want to make an inspiration sandwich.

Another great thing is that all the sites we are using are (at the moment accessible in China) so we will be combining our China site with this new version which saves us both time and money from updating two sites.

There are some big changes to our new site and to address them all, we decided to add an FAQ section just to explain it all. Please visit it here to know more about it:

Frequently Asked Questions

This depository may seem all over the place as its not meant to be read linearly rather as just a mix of random thoughts and comments. If you want some semblance of order please visit our main site: