Replacement Soundscapes: WWF Shanghai- Taihu | 源声谱:WWF上海- 太湖

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Taihu is a lake in the Yangtze delta and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in China after Poyang and Dongting Lake. It shares its shores with the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Rapid development around its shores had deteriorated its natural balance and finally, in 2007 a massive algae breakout occurred as a result of industrial pollution and bad water practices endangering the human and wildlife populations along its shores. Since then the conditions at Taihu have been progressively improving as better industrial waste management and water conservation practices are put into place.

In 2015 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiated the Taihu International Forum to serve as a platform for the exchange of international river basin governance and the promotion of the reform and innovation on basin governance in China. The forum has been successfully held for three years in row, thanks to strong support from partners across government departments, research institutions, business sectors, and from academic experts.


Following the release of the 4th Taihu International Forum Report in September, I contacted the office in Shanghai to see if they would be interested in a temporary soundscape sound installation for the exhibition space of their office where they have public talks and meetings. The sounds from Taihu is a way to connect clients and employees to the cause they are working so hard for.

Recording location map

来自太湖的声音能够将客户和员工与他们为之辛勤工作的事业联系起来。录音地点有两处,均位于江苏宜兴。其中一处位于距太湖约30公里的农田周围,另一处则选在湖岸边。11月,水稻收获即将结束,空气中充满了拖拉机的声音和稻田燃烧的气味。而湖边则是无尽的风浪声。 灌溉用的水泵和工人住房暂时闲置,等待天气转暖后继续投入使用。

The recordings are done in two locations in Yixing, Jiangsu. One location is around farmlands about 30 km from the lake, and the other right at the shore of the lake. November means the end of the rice harvest season and the air was filled with tractor sounds and the smell of burning fields. At the lake, I found the endless sounds of waves and wind. Sleeping irrigation pumps and workers housing are abandoned for now, waiting for warmer weather.


The soundscape installation is designed to last one month in the space and will play every day continuously for 12 hours in the month of December.

"源声谱"是一个为公司和组织设计的项目,旨在通过声音将其员工和客户与其开展的社会和环境行动联系起来。 声景录音利用另一个地点的自然声音"替代"你周遭的声音环境,让你在公共和半公共环境下身心舒畅,心旷神怡。

Replacement Soundscapes is a project made for companies and organizations to connect their employees and visitors with their social and environmental initiatives through the use of sound. The soundscapes 'replace' your immediate sonic environment with natural, localized sounds to enhance the mood and well being of public and semi-public areas of a space.


You can play the recordings into your own space via the links above.