Growing Up With Shanghai- Free at last

Yes. This truly is a huge step for us. All these years I have been working on it, I have always had a bad feeling in my gut. The purpose of this project was to get people closer to the city and people of Shanghai and the keys to do this are all hiding behind 'buy' buttons. It was sad thinking that I was sitting on these gems all this time when it could have been out there for all to see and hear. It defeated the purpose of even doing this project. This project was for the world and that's where it belongs. So from 2019, everyone will be able to read all the books of Growing Up With Shanghai project in our library. We will slowly upload them as the new site is finished.

This year we completed two books with successful crowdfunding campaigns within China and internationally. So going forward, we will produce each book using these methods, with production starting when we have gained enough funding to do so. I will also be putting in my effort and money as usual but it would be better that everyone who enjoys these books, contribute a little to the project for future generations to learn about Shanghai and its culture.

Add our RSS feed to your reader to know when we have started the campaign for the next book. (How do I add a RSS feed?)

Thank you so much for your support!

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