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> RePlacement Soundscapes

Replacement Soundscapes change your immediate sonic environment with natural, localized sounds to enhance the mood and well being of your space.

Our working lives have many distractions. Replacement Soundscapes offer an immersive, non-invasive solution that essentially 're-places' you into another location. Listening to natural soundscapes can enhance the overall mood and wellbeing of a work environment and research has found that listening to natural soundscapes can relieve stress, enhance focus, and inspire creativity- all desirable qualities in places of work.
Listening to a familiar soundscape further enables one to easily connect with and integrate it within their own surroundings making it even more effective. Replacement Soundscapes are recorded in areas surrounding the listener’s location to ensure this connection.
More than just abstract, nondescript looped audio from a generic app, Replacement Soundscapes capture the true sonic characteristic of a location and may include typical sounds such as: industry, cars, farming, boats, people, birds, plants, trees, weather, seasons, and plane flybys.
These Replacement Soundscape recordings are 'localized' meaning that they are specific to the people who live in and around the location of the recordings, but the unique style and soothing natural sounds allow anyone to connect to the soundscapes wherever they live.
Hundreds of Replacement Soundscapes will ensure that you have a dynamic and unique experience every day of the year.
Recorded over the course of at least one year, the Replacement Soundscapes also capture the seasonal changes of nature, wildlife, and the human interactions with it. Every season has its own collection of soundscapes and are meant to be played in a random or 'shuffled' order.
While these soundscapes can be listened to at any time, the soundscapes selected are only from the daytime and so are ideally meant to be listened to during the day at your place of work or home.
There is little or no editing of the content of the recordings and the volume of every soundscape is equalized so that you do not have to adjust your volume between each track.
The use of Xiami allows us to upload new sounds directly to your monthly mix as soon as possible so that you will always have the most current soundscapes. Also, we have found that Xiami sounds better and is easier to use than other music player apps for both artists and listeners.
I hope these soundscapes encourage you to listen to your own surroundings and realize the beauty beyond what you see.

Studio White, Shanghai

>> Growing Up With Shanghai / 与沪成长
Growing Up With Shanghai is a social sound project that documents of the culture and people of Shanghai during the city’s development boom in the 1990s. The project follows 30-40 year old Shanghainese young adults- whose own personal development was also during a time when Shanghai was beginning its transformation into the metropolis we see today. What began as a personal project for me, became an outlet that Shanghainese could document their life and culture in their own personal way. Subtle details within their stories document local customs and dialects and touch on contemporary social issues such as remigration and urban development.

The stories are recorded in the location where they occurred not only to help the storytellers recall their memories, but also to provide a complementary backdrop for their not so distant past. The stories encompass the entire Shanghai Municipality to also document the Shanghai culture beyond its city limits. The goal for this project is to record 100 people.

Walking through their memories, each story brings you closer to the city. The more stories that are recorded, the more meaningful the connection with the city becomes. Each street now has a face and life to it making you a part of someone’s life. These streets are never going to be the same to you again.

Every recording has a digital booklet produced that includes hand-drawn route maps, photos, Shanghainese character and Mandarin transcriptions, and English translations of the audio as a guide for people to ideally follow on location, or anywhere they may be.

I hope that you enjoy your experience of this project and that one day your imagination leads you here.






>>> Social Tapes / 社区声音备忘录
Social Tapes is a collection of 'social phonography' projects from around the world. Our definition of 'Social Phonography' is the documentation of life with sound. Collections focus on any facet of life that make us human and that documents the present state of where we are today. Topics such as love, happiness, migration, religion, conflicts, nature, culture, preservation, are all encouraged. The purpose of these recordings are to build awareness to encourage action and participation with these issues.

Each 'Tape' is a digital release that will be featured on the Social Tapes website. The collection of recordings will be available in our store.

Social Tapes is an open project that anyone may apply to participate in. Organizations or individuals can request a Social Tape made for your cause. Please contact us for more information.




>>>> 60 Minute Cities / 60分钟,我的城市
This album series focuses on an individual’s genius loci or the ‘spirit of a place’. Each album is a personal document of the recordists (re)discovery of their ‘city’ through sound. The 60 minutes of recordings are taken from the recordist’s own personal surroundings and include photos and text to describe the significance of these sounds to their own lives. The result is a document that reveals the deepest character of a place through a native resident’s own experience so that (locals) and non-locals, as well as the recordist, can (re)connect with the city and (re)discover the beauty of their place.

This is an open project and anyone can participate. Contact us for more information on how to get involved.




>>>>> Bivouac. Live.
‘Bivouac. Live.’ 是2006年3月从纽约开始的一个录音项目,而后来到上海,主要收录的是一些知名表演者现场演出的声音,也覆盖一些闻所未闻的试验性音乐人在一些极其有趣的场地所做的尝试。‘Bivouac. Live.’是一个"活着"的项目, 我们会不断加入新的录音。

‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a project starting from March 2006 in New York City and later in Shanghai and features live performances from well-known and obscure experimental musicians in some of the most interesting venues. ‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a ‘living’ project that will be added to as we have new recordings.
If you would like to add recordings of live, improvised performances from experimental musicians, please contact us!

The following tracks were recorded at the following venues:
Tonic (closed)| Goodbye Blue Mondays | Chez Bushwick | The Foundry | Issue Project Room | The Stone (2nd st.- closed) |Yu Yin Tang- Shanghai | 4 Live (now closed) | Live Bar- Shanghai | 696 Live | BM Space (closed)

我们非常骄傲地为大家呈现这些勇敢的灵魂,用自己的热情浇灌他们的表演 – 也感谢他们允许我记录下这些:
We are proud to present these brave souls who poured their passion out during their performances- and allowed me to capture it:
Light In August (Gregory Reynolds and Ann Adachi) | Peeeseye | Boris Baltschun | Tim Olive | Na | Noriaki Watanabe | Shayna Dulberger | Ninni Morgia | Jordon Shranz | Matt Mottel | Marie Evelyn | Rolyn Hu | Motoko Shimizu | Ed Chang | Matt Hannafin | Brian Moran | Maria Chavez | Ravi Padmanabha | Ed Howard | Bruno Morello | Bujalex | Donki Ra | Nim | Green Andy | Fire And Flux (Benjamin Kates and Richard Gilman-Opalsky) | John Clair | Jed Shahar | Loren Steel | Kite | Dr. Benstock | Sarah Bernstein | Julianne Carney | Ben Houge | Alessandro Bosetti | Audrey Chen | Ronez | Splinter Vs Stalin | Torturing Nurse | Li Jian Hong | Rolf-Erik Nystrom | MTDM

>>>>>> Flow | Flux / 流 | 变



Chong Ming Dao is a beautiful island about 1 hour from downtown Shanghai. With the completion of a new bridge and tunnel, getting to the island makes it easier for the population of the Shanghai Municipality to explore the beauty that was once difficult to reach.

‘Change’ is in the very nature of the island. Being alluvial, it is ever growing and changing with the accumulation and shifting of the Yangtze River silt. Through sound recordings I focus on two forms of ‘change’: the constant natural changing of the seasons (Flow), and the gradual changes made by the local residents as their society evolves (Flux). Though these changes are separate in nature, one cyclical and one linear, they help each other to progress and evolve.

The sound recordings are recorded throughout Chongming island over the course of one year and was recorded with reel to reel tape or cassette. This is a several year project with many more locations needed to document.

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