60 Minute Cities- San Francisco | 60分钟,我的城市- 旧金山

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我在旧金山郊区长大,父母都在城市里出生,他们每次开车经过大桥都像开车去迪士尼一样有魔力/住在大湾区的人们提到旧金山都会说"这个城市" – 如果你说"我今晚要去城市里看一场演出",这个九县交界、面积18000平方公里土地上住着的768万人都知道你说的是哪里/过去20年,新兴的科技产业改变了这个城市的面貌/这个城市曾经以平等主义政治和包容的社区文化为人称道,现在同样因其昂贵到令人惊骇的房价和标价过高的奢侈品为人熟知/这些新老社区现在都并排存在着,但是老旧的社区正在萎缩/你可能听到建筑工地施工的声响,也会听到街头音乐的旋律 – 你可能会听到鸡尾酒水晶杯碰撞的声音,也会听到杰克科鲁亚克狂热描写的北海滩的爵士/这座城市永远有新的事物可以探索,新的元素可供尝试/我尽我所能收录了尽可能多的元素 – 人民的旧金山(传教区的Dolores公园);国际化大都市旧金山(游客观看39号码头的海狮),公民权利的城市(抗议的声音)/ 我不确定这些录音是不是能让你充分感受到这些 – 这些声音都实时收录于当时的环境,不管你在哪里,希望你听到这些声音的时候,也能听到这座城市日常生活里的美好和独特的瞬间。
I have grown up on the outskirts of San Francisco, the child of two city-born parents who managed to make any trip across the bridge seem as magical as a trip to Disneyland / Those from the Greater Bay Area call San Francisco "The City" when referring to it- "I’m going to The City tonight to see the show", you might say, and any of the 7.68 million people within the 7000 square-mile, 9-county boundary, will know where you mean / Over the last 20 years, the growing tech-sector has changed The City’s face / Once storied for its egalitarian politics and inclusive neighborhoods, it is now equally known for jaw-droppingly expensive real-estate and over-priced luxuries / These cities live side-by-side for now, but the old one is shrinking / You are as likely to hear construction sounds as street music- as likely to hear the clinking of crystal cocktail glasses as the North Beach Jazz that Jack Kerouac wrote so feverishly about / In this city there is always some new thing to discover, some new flavor to sample / I have included as many of those flavors as I could- the San Francisco of the People (The Mission District’s Dolores Park), the Global Metropolis San Francisco (Tourists watching Pier 39’s sea lions), the City of Civil Rights (Sounds of protest) / I’ve taken risks with these recordings- hopefully you’ll hear what is beautiful and unique about these everyday moments when they’ve been taken from their native time and place and brought to wherever you are when you hear them //
Randy Johnson在旧金山湾区出生长大,这里深远的进步激进主义文化影响他开始实地录音工作/他希望收录这种为了正义的热情的声音和精神/他也着迷于高保真度的录音里内在的可能性,用一些专门的模拟录音机来完成他的项目/此次60分钟,我的城市是Randy的首个项目,他也非常感谢Bivouac Recording提供的机会//
Randy Johnson is a San Francisco Bay Area native; the region’s rich history of progressive activism is what drove him to field recording / He hopes to capture the sound and spirit of that passion for justice / He is also fascinated by the possibilities inherent in high-fidelity recording and uses exclusively analog recorders for his projects / This project is Randy’s first, and he would like to thank Bivouac Recording for the opportunity //

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