60 Minute Cities- Qingdao | 60分钟,我的城市- 青岛

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Each city has its own voice, for me, the sound is not in the bustling downtown area, nor in the famous scenic spots. Clothing, food, shelter, sickness and death, life’s own rhythm and tempo, as we breathe has been, can you hear it?
刘思远,音乐人,策展人 /先疯实验团体NOJIJI成员,四线方格乐队主唱,ONG乐队成员 / 青岛金沙滩音乐节、西海国际现代艺术空间、乌托邦行动独立音乐节、几何聚相独立艺术节等艺术活动策划人 //
Liu Siyuan is a musician and curator / He is a part of the experimental group NOJIJI, the frontman for Four Square Wire, and part of the group- ONG / He organizes the Qingdao Golden Beach Festival, Xihai International contemporary Art Space, Utopia Independent music festival, and plans and organizes independent artist and arts events //

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