60 Minute Cities- Paris: Seine to St. Nazaire | 60分钟,我的城市- 巴黎:塞纳河到圣纳泽尔

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Emmanuel Mieville带我们沿着水道从巴黎到诺曼底,沿途风景很美。他用4个实地录音记录了水道和周围环境的声音,展现了巴黎这些常流水道的力量和平静。Mielle呈现给听众的是水流从源头开始,循着各个方向流向我们途经范围和规模的声音 – 从辽阔的海域、湍急的河流,到古老的水道、水滴还有甚至是水管里的水声。这些声音仿佛在说,我们和水流之间转瞬即逝的相交只是它们终将汇入大海征程中的一部分。我们经常挣扎着不被冲刷进入平缓静止的河流,这些自然的交汇和介入只是短暂地将我们抽离出来,而后再次被水流淹没。关于大海的梦境潜入我们的意识, 就像一种似曾相识的意境,看到这些水流源于何处。Mieville通过此专辑录音,向滋养他多年的河流致敬。这些河流就像流经他血管里的血液,是他的文化,是法国的象征。
Emmanuel Mieville takes us on a beautifully composed journey along the waterways from Paris to Normandy. 4 compositions of field recordings in and around water show the power and peacefulness of these ever-flowing veins of France. Mieville presents the listener the entire spectrum of scale and every way in which water has found its way to us- from expansive seascapes, rushing rivers, right down to creaky doors, water drops, and even in the pipes. The album is a reminder that our fleeting interaction with it is only a part of its journey to the inevitable destiny of the ocean. While we constantly battle from being swept away into the soothing static of the river, spontaneous interactions and interventions pull us out only for a moment before we are caught again within its flow. Dreams of the ocean ebb into our consciousness, a comforting déjà vu of whence it came. With this album Mieville pays homage to the rivers he has lived by most of his life. It is the blood that runs through his veins. It is his culture. It is France.
Emmanuel Mieville是一个作曲人,出生于巴黎,曾在一个电影学院学习录音工程,后加入著名的GRM(法国声音和电子原声音乐领域研究中心)研究具体音乐。他还研究过一些民族乐器,在巴黎爪哇加麦兰民族管弦乐团演奏过两年。
Mieville从小就经常听各种创意电台节目,引领他开始走上试验性音乐以及音景创作的道路。他为法国国家电台(法国文化和法国音乐电台)制作过很多节目,包括为尺八竹笛写的作品、人声和电子乐等。他还是Framework的客串作曲人,这是Patrick McKinley为Resonance FM电台制作一个实地录音节目。
他曾和Buto的舞者和录像艺术家一起合作。他也和包括Eric Cordier, Guido Huebner, Benjamin Thigpen以及Heesok Yu在内的音乐人一起进行即兴创作。他的电子原声作品曾在各个音乐节上演出,包括法国Motus和Licences-Brûlures des langues音乐节,西班牙 Confluencias音乐节以及意大利Udine Composition Competition大赛(只演出了最后节选)。他曾在马拉西亚、香港、台湾、法国和德国演出,与各个国家的音乐人进行即兴创作。他也曾演出过其他人的音乐,包括和创意笔记本合奏团CLSI一起演出K.H. Stockhausen的音乐。他曾通过Tipprod(和Tore H. Bøe合作)、XingWu、Lona Records等发行过音乐专辑,还通过法国公司Baskaru发行了一个标准长度的实地录音专辑 – 在热带大陆的四次漫游。最后,他还通过俄罗斯公司Observatoire发行过一个融合实地录音和持续音音乐风格的音乐专辑 – Buddha Anima Asia。
Paris-born composer Emmanuel Mieville studied sound engineering in a film school and musique concrète at the famous GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales). He has also studied ethnic instruments and played Javanese gamelan orchestra in Paris for two years.
Since his childhood, Mieville has been constantly listening to creative radio programs, something that has fueled his approach to experimental music and soundscape composition. He has produced many programs for French national radios (France-Culture and France-Musiques), such as a work for shakuhachi, voice and electronics. He is also a guest composer on Framework, the field recording show Patrick McKinley produces for Resonance FM.
Mieville’s interest in aural perception and memories engraved in urban and wildlife environments have yielded compositions where field recordings are layered, mixed and sometimes transformed through effects. His goal is to portray a specific location, to let its blurred sonic emotions reach the listener’s ears, to perform in concert and compose the "concrete" substance of it for the listener’s benefit.
He has worked with Buto dancers and video artists. He also improvises with fellow musicians like Eric Cordier, Guido Huebner, Benjamin Thigpen, and Heesok Yu, among others. His electroacoustic works have been presented in festivals like Motus and Licences-Brûlures des langues (France), Confluencias (Spain), and the Udine Composition Competition in Italy (final selection). He has performed concerts and improvised with musicians in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, and Germany. He also performs other people’s music, like the music of K.H. Stockhausen with the innovative laptop ensemble CLSI. He has released music on the labels Tibprod (with Tore H. Bøe), XingWu, and/oar and Lona Records, on french label Baskaru, with a full length field recording album Four Wanderings in Tropical Lands. And lastly on Russian label Observatoire with Buddha Anima Asia album merging field recording and drones textures.

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