60 Minute Cities- New York | 60分钟,我的城市- 纽约

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第一次来到这个不眠之城 – 60分钟城市收录了我对纽约城市的声音印象,这是我对这个看似无极限的城市的首次录音尝试。通过这些录音,你可能会听到一些文化冲击和扑面而来的感官冲击,这也是我当前的感受。我总是带着我心爱的Tascam DR-07走在这座城市的喧嚣里,记录我遇到的场景和人,然后分享给其他人。我将这本专辑设计成一条循环的故事线,开始和结束都发生在Broadway Junction,也是我日常会经过的枢纽站。最好的聆听体验是一次性听完,专辑内每一个录音都是按照顺序排序,连接成一个特定的、线性的故事,其中有些有趣的过渡,展示着纽约城市声音的多样性。这些录音大部分收录于我个人日常出入和活动的区域(包括纽约东区、威廉斯堡),我还收录了一些标志性区域(如中央公园、科尼岛)的声音,以展现这个城市广阔的听觉角度。
所有的声音都由R.J. Stefanski在2016年10月-12月间收录 – 所有录音均未做任何后期处理。戴上一个好耳机,调大音量,希望你有一个愉快的聆听体验。
A new arrival to the city that never sleeps – this installment of 60 Minute Cities encapsulates my first sonic impressions of the seemingly infinite surroundings of New York City. The recordings may display a bit of the culture shock and sensory overload I am currently experiencing. In the midst of the chaos, my trusty Tascam DR-07 is usually by my side, documenting the scenes and people I encounter and allowing me to share them with others. The album is designed with a circular storyline, beginning and ending as most of my daily journeys do at the Broadway Junction. Ideal to be listened to in one sitting, tracks are sequenced to provide a specific, linear journey with an emphasis on interesting transitions that display the diversity of sound sources within NYC. The recordings mostly feature locations that are personal to my daily habits and surroundings (East New York, Williamsburg) with a few more iconic areas mixed in to provide a broader perspective on the city (Central Park, Coney Island).
All Sounds recorded by R.J. Stefanski between October-December 2016 – no post production work has been done to these recordings. Listen loudly on good headphones and enjoy.
Stefanski是一位出生在密歇根州底特律的声音艺术家,现居纽约布鲁克林。他的专攻领域是氛围DJ、混音制作以及实地录音。2011年开始,他定期缓慢地发布他的原创专辑、EP单曲以及各种形式的音景作品。最近,他还为Norway Detroit知名的Bak Dor策划了冷却氛围音乐间。2016年,他发布了第二张专辑(2013-16年实地录音作品选集),收录了他的所有原创实地录音,此外还推出了几个音云暴风雨系列的新作品,该系列之前的雨声录音拥有近300,000播放量。过去几年他主要广泛收集和记录底特律地区的声音,现在他将话筒转移到了纽约 – 此次60分钟城市项目将是他新系列的首个作品。
Stefanski is a Brooklyn based sound artist from Detroit, MI with a specialty in ambient DJ sets, mixtape production, and field recording. He has been slowly and steadily releasing original albums, EPs, and soundscapes of all forms since 2011, and most recently curated the chill out room for Norway Detroit’s infamous rave Bak Dor. 2016 saw the release of his second album length collage of all original field recordings ("Selected Field Recording Works 2013-16″) and a few new additions to his growing collection of thunderstorms on Soundcloud (an older rain recording boasts nearly 300,000 plays). After documenting the Detroit area extensively over the last few years, he now sets his ears and microphones on NYC- this volume of 60 Minute Cities marks the debut of this new material.

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